History | Hanwag


Hans Wagner was born in 1896 in Jetzendorf.


Hans Wagner learns the art of making double-stiched shoes in Munich. This special technique, which few contemporary shoe makers master, is still used by Hanwag. Double-stitched.

WorkShop Opens

Hans Wagner opens his own workshop in Vierkirchen (which is still the home of Hanwag).

Salesman Begins Selling Boots

A local salesman learns of the quality of the double-stitch boots and sells them in his collection.

For the Winter Olympics

Hans Wagner produces his first ski boots for the Winter Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. His nephew, Josef Wagner, begins learning the art of shoemaking, and eventually becomes the company owner.

Hanwag Named

Hans Wagner lands on the name Hanwag for his now booming company.

HANWAG exhibited

Hanwag shoes are exhibited at the Sports equipment trade show in Weisbaden (later ISPO). Klaus Obermeyer, active in the American skiing business, discovers Hanwag, and the following year Hanwag produces thousands of pairs of ski boots for the American market under the name 'Garmisch.'

HANWAG's ‘Haute Route’

Hanwag's 'Haute Route' boot is produced, the first and only one of its kind high alpine touring ski shoe.

New Company Owner

From 1972 to 2004, Josef Wagner becomes the company owner and continues the development of new models of alpine, trekking, and hiking shoes.


Working with German rock climbing legend Sepp Gschwendtner, Hanwag develops light climbing shoes of revolutionary design. Trekking and hiking become Hanwag's primary focus when these sports boomed in the 80s.

Super Fly GTX

Hanwag produces the 'Super Fly GTX,' the world's first (and considered by many, only) paragliding boot.


Hanwag launches the 'Alaska GTX' it is the best known and most important trekking boot of the company's history, and since has never been altered in its design.

FEnix Outdoor Ab Family

Hanwag is acquired by Fenix Outdoor AB.

STATE-OF-The-Art Manufacturing

A state-of-the-art manufacturing and service complex is build in Vierkirchen. Other production facilities are founded in Hungary and Croatia, in areas similarly renowned for their history of quality shoemaking.

HANWAG celebrate
its 90th Jubilee

Hanwag celebrates its anniversary 90 Years of Alpine Experience.